A journey, a meeting, a concept, an adventure…


was born.

The story of Curiozity began at the Coffee Fest in Los Angeles. The company’s founder, Julien Coulon, decided to attend the global coffee and beverage trend fair in 2019. He discovered a competition dedicated to the best NITRO COLD BREW, decided to find out more and was quickly invited to judge the various beverages. One detail attracted him: all the participants were using BROOD machines. The next logical step was to contact the creators of this technology, BROOD REFRESHMENTS COMPANY, in Toronto, Canada. The Canadian company then decided to place their trust in him by signing an exclusive agreement for the distribution of BROOD machines on the European continent.


The original Nitro Company.

Built from the ground up.

Founded in 2015 with one goal in mind: to design and build better nitro drink machines. Their journey led them to patent a nitrogen dispensing system that eliminated the need for a nitrogen tank. This innovation was the first on the market and helped solidify their goal.

BROOD has over 2,150 customers who have served over 1.6 million drinks.